Brooklyn, New York

Green-Wood Cemetery selected Rhodeside & Harwell and its team of historians, arborists, architects, and engineers to uncover the essence of this 478 acre historic property and offer guidance for its future while honoring its past. Done in accordance with The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes, this report provides knowledge critical to the future of the Cemetery as it accommodates modern needs and advances its arboretum status, while honoring the promise of the original design intent of a cemetery –  “…grand, dignified, and park-like…laid out in a broad and simple style, command[ing] noble ocean views, and … admirably kept”.

With the insights derived from the report, the Cemetery again chose RHI to develop plans for the return of some of historic allées, damaged during Super Storm Sandy.

Client – Green-Wood Cemetery, Inc

Categories: Historic, Resiliency
Green-Wood Cemetery