Located on the corner of Wilson Boulevard and North Glebe Road in Arlington, this 2.79 acre mixed-use development creates a refined, elegant and comfortable living and shopping venue for its tenants and residents. Classic architecture is balanced by appropriate proportioning, varied materials and massing, as well as rich detailing, to create a sense of intimacy and distinctiveness.

The landscape design consists of three levels with themes transitioning from traditional and gardenesque near ground level, to more contemporary and energetic on the rooftop. The streetscape is simple, yet elegant. Large, open tree pits create seating nooks, and a classic main entry features layered boxwoods. The second floor courtyard is a traditional garden. Seating terraces, a bold water feature, and a covered fireplace anchor lush, curving sweeps of planting. The tenth floor rooftop is active. Residents enjoy a multitude of amenities including dining terraces and a pool deck. From streetscape to pool deck, the project engages the Ballston community in the public realm and provides comfortable, energetic spaces for future residents.

Client – Saul Centers, Inc.

Design Architect – David M Schwarz Architects


750 N Glebe